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Special Offers and Benefits - Stiac | Engineering Firm

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Hosting Promotion (Third Parties)

Get a unique discount on hosting activations if you are a Gebher Customer. The discount is offered thanks to the collaboration of our partner for the activation of new domains.
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  1. Service Provision
    Gebher has several servers hosted by various partners (SiteGround, Ionos etc.). The service offered is of the Cloud Hosting type and is activated and managed directly by Gebher. The servers are not selectable at the discretion of the customer.
  2. Price Indication
    The prices indicated on this site are shown without VAT. The indicated price refers ONLY to Main TLDs (.biz, .cloud, .com, .info, .net, .org, .name). Also included are the main ccTLDs (.it, .eu, .de, .us, .es, .fr, .uk). All other TLDs have a variable annual price and registration requirements (documentation and local presence). We will provide you in the following steps with the price indicated by our partners for the registration. You can decide to continue with the payment or cancel the registration procedure. Pay attention, once payment has been received our system will automatically process the order and it will not be possible to issue a refund.
  3. Monthly Indication
    The prices of the services reported monthly, are courtesy of the customer, in order to calculate the monthly cost of the service approximately. The service will be billed by a third party annually.
  4. Promotion Info
    Promotion valid only for Gebher customers who have an active Account ID. It can only be activated on new orders / registration of new web domains. Variable discounts, based on the service you want to activate. Deadline not indicated by the third party. Possible price changes. The Terms and Conditions of Use specified by the third party apply.
  5. API Services & Domains
    The domain availability search tools are provided as a courtesy service to the customer to quickly check the availability and/or ownership of the searched domain. The search could give false positives if second level domains are entered or in any case with extensions similar to those of a first level (eg gebher.comcom).
  6. Domain registration
    The registration process can take place via API or directly via our Help Center, via Chat, Telephone or E-mail. If the process is accepted you will receive an e-mail that will send you to complete the order with the payment. As soon as the service is activated, you will receive the login credentials to start using your web space. One month before the expiration we will send you notices to renew the service. We reserve the right to grant registration and hosting service to dedicated customers.
  7. Required Documentation
    Depending on the type of top-level domain you wish to register, additional data may be required to complete the process. This only happens for specific domains that require local presence (on the territory) and various documents, such as Tax Code, Identity Card, VAT number, etc..
  8. Processing Times
    The domain registration is generally performed after the correct receipt of the payment. In some cases, the intervention of a human operator may be required to complete the purchase procedure. We will keep you informed during all stages of the process. The registration phase can take up to 48 hours.
  9. Release of Liability
    In the event of a typing error in the domain name or early registration by a third party, the company disclaims all liability. Once the process has been activated, it is not possible to request a refund if it is already in an advanced stage, i.e. after receipt of payment.
  10. Redemption Grace Period
    In the event that the domain renewal order has not been made and payment is pending, your site immediately becomes inactive and all the services associated with it cease to function. For the recovery of the domain, "redemptionPeriod", in order to be able to reactivate it, a one-off payment of € 159.00 + VAT is required in addition to the cost of the normal renewal. You can wait for the Pending Delete phase. After that it will become available for registration again, with the risk that someone else will register it for you.
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